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What's New at Naper Place

Naper Place

Downtown Naperville’s first senior housing development is Now Open! Located on Main Street between Jefferson and Van Buren, Naper Place will give seniors an independent living opportunity in downtown Naperville.

The new UrbanSenior® retirement community has been developed as a joint venture between locally owned Moser Enterprises, Dan Dolan of Aurora-based Dolan & Murphy, and HPD Cambridge. Naper Place consists of 49 one- and two- bedroom apartments located in the heart of downtown Naperville. The community will also offer resident common areas, a public restaurant and retail shops on the first floor.

Moser Enterprises has been a pillar of the Naperville Community and is more than just a land development company. Moser Enterprises is a local business leader committed to creating wonderful communities in Naperville.

Unlike other retirement communities built in remote areas of town, Naper Place offers retired adults access to the many restaurants, shops and services located within a two- to four-block radius of the community.

“Our campus encompasses the thriving and active neighborhood of downtown Naperville,” states Maureen Smallwood, Director of Marketing for HPD Cambridge.

Naper Place on Main, brings an unique and exciting retirement option to downtown Naperville. “The downtown location preserves residents’ independence, encourages walking, promotes health and wellness, and requires less reliance on a private vehicle,” states David Sanders, President, HPD Cambridge.

“Our primary goal is to have each and every resident walk out of the door and experience the vibrant downtown services and amenities.”

With an attractive traditional design, Naper Place will be very popular with family and friends paying a visit to mom and dad, with the hope they will be able to do some shopping and dining in the exciting Naper Place neighborhood.

Naper Place’s design is upscale and non-institutional, built with active older adults in mind. “It is small in scale and intimate in size to keep it simple and comfortable,” Sanders said. The short corridors and elevator proximity makes Naper Place an attractive option for seniors. “Our apartment homes are not only known for their size, but also furnish-ability. A great deal of attention goes into optimizing wall space so that our residents’ new homes can accommodate a great deal of furniture,” states Sanders. Naper Place offers residents a new home that has been well thought out and carefully planned.

With much anticipation, Naper Place opened its doors to new residents in August 16. New residents are excited about their new home in downtown Naperville. “Our Charter Club residents were able to take advantage of pre-construction pricing, décor choices, and locations,” expressed Maureen Smallwood. Although Naper Place is open, it’s not too late; there are still a few choice apartments with great views available!

The developers of Naper Place plan to hold an open house event in the next few months. “Please watch our progress as we are proud to be a part of bringing another wonderful landmark to downtown Naperville,” said John Zediker.

For information on Naper Place please call the marketing office at (630)369-8300. We look forward to hearing from you!